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Bible Study and Prayer


The major objective of the Bible Study and Prayer Ministry is to seek ways of helping members to mature in the knowledge of the Word of God. The ministry shall be responsible for organizing home Bible Study and prayer groups, preparing Bible study materials and coordinate Saturday prayer program



This ministry shall provide for an active and meaningful worship life for the congregation. Major duties include plan coordinate and implement worship program for regular weekly services, conferences and holiday activities. 

Sunday School

This Ministry shall look after the spiritual growth of children of the congregation by providing them age-appropriate Sunday lessons, assist in transitioning to the Youth group in preparing for Confirmation classes, recruit and train Sunday school teachers, collect, prepare, organize materials for Sunday School.

Stewardship and prperty Management Ministry


The major objective of this Ministry is to encourage faithful stewardship to accompliish the overall objective of the church.



The youth Ministry seeks and maintains ways to develop the youth spiritually and prepare them for service in the Lord's ministry. The Ministry is responsible in organizing and cooridinating the youth of the church in the various activities of the church.

Music and Choral
The major objective this Ministry is to organize, cooridinate, and facilitate the provision of musical and choral service in the church for all services of the church.
Social Services


The major objective of the ministry is to organize and cooridinate self-help system among the members of the church, coordinate social activities for members of the church, look for ways of respondind to needs of members of the church or the Oromo Community at large..




This ministry organizes and cooridinates the women in the church so that they take active role in the daily life of the church as mothers and sisters. The ministry organizes workshops, training programs, prayer services, bible studies, fund raising, and discussions with particular references to the role of women in family, church, and the community at large.

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