Sunday: 12:30 – 2:30PM

Children Class:


Second Gen. Service
Sunday:  1:30 – 2:30PM

Bible Study/Prayer Service Saturday:  5:00 – 7:00 PM


Our Address
4300 16th Street NW, Washington DC, 20011


Tel. (202)723-0700


                Weekly Bible verse

          Hisqi'el 33:7-11.

7 Yaa mucaa namaa! Ani mana Israa'eliif eegduu si godheera, ati immoo dubbii koo dhaga'ii of isaan eeggachiisi! 8 Ani nama jal'aadhaan, "Yaa nama jal'aa! Ati dhugumaan in duuta" yommuun jedhu, ati immoo inni jal'aan sun karaa isaa irraa akka deebi'uuf of hin eeggachiiftu yoo ta'e, inni jal'aan sun yakka isaatiin in du'a; ani immoo dhiiga isaa harka kee keessaa nan barbaada; 9 ati garuu isa jal'aa sana karaa isaa irraa akka deebi'uuf utuma of eeggachiiftuu, inni isa irraa deebi'uu yoo dhiise, inni yakka isaatiin in du'a; ati garuu of in oolchita. 10 Yaa mucaa namaa! Mana Israa'elitti dubbadhuu, "Isin, 'Irra-daddarbaan keenyaa fi cubbuun keenya gad nu qabu isaan keessattis in tortorra, attamittis jiraanna ree?' jettan" jedhi! 11 Ati isaanitti dubbadhuu, "Ani jiraataa dha! 'Namni jal'aan karaa isaatii akka deebi'uu fi akka jiraatu malee, ani du'a nama jal'aatti hin gammadu. Deebi'aa! Isin yaa mana Israa'el maaliif duutu? Karaa keessan isa hamaattii deebi'aa!' jedha Waaqayyo gooftaan" jedhi! Ameen.



The Oromo Evangelical Lutheran Church, Washington, DC. is located at 4300 16th St. NW, Washington DC. 20011. Since 1996, God has worked through faithful Oromo Christian immigrants to proclaim the gospel and make Christ known at this location.


Please join us for worship each Sunday at 12:30PM. Our many ministries are exciting opportunities for spiritual growth and services. We are here to serve the living Lord as his disciples, and our lives are marked by daily prayer, weekly worship, Bible study, Christian services and spiritual friendship.


Through our baptism and God’s amazing grace, we are already in a relationship with each other. Come meet the rest of your family this week!

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